Brand names include:Remonabent / Riobant / Slimona / Rimoslim / Zimulti

Active ingredient: Rimonabant.

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Acomplia is an up-to-date medical remedy which favors a fast reduction of the body weight. Unlike Xenical and Orlistat the drug for the weight loss Acomplia does not remove the vegetable and animal fats from the body but inhibits the appetite influencing on the functions of the brain.

The pharmacological action of this drug is characterized by the regulation of the functions of the brain which control the feeling of hunger and satiation. Rimonabant is an active ingredient of the drug, connects with cannabis receptors which are responsible for the body weight, energy balance in the body and also metabolism, and slows down their activity. The reduction of the activity of these receptors leads to the lowering of the appetite of the person. The lowering of the appetite directly leads to the reduction of the consumed food, and so the person receives the daily calories less and loses the excess pounds.

The tablets for the weight loss Acomplia are prescribed for the treatment of severe stages of the obesity when non-medical methods of the obesity treatment (psychotherapy, liposuction) are ineffective.  In order to gain the maximal results in the struggle with excess weight it is recommended to combine the use of the tablets of

Acomplia for the weight loss with low-calorie diet and physical exercises. Mild physical loads help to hasten the process of the fat burning, and healthy diet will favor the regulation of the metabolism in the body. 

Although Acomplia inhibits appetite this does not mean that it is needed to refuse from the consumption of the meals. The everyday food ration should include vegetables rich in cellulose and fruits rich in vitamins. The consumption of the vegetable and animal fats should be avoided because the body will fill in the necessity in the fatty acids from the accumulated fatty deposits.

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Common Use

  • Acomplia is tablets for the peroral use which should be taken entirely with water.
  • The treatment of obesity should be started from the minimal daily dose of 20 mg.
  • The drug should be used in the morning before meals. After the use of one tablet of 20 mgyou will not experience hunger the entire day.
  • In case of severe types of obesity when it is needed to quickly get rid of the excessive weight the daily dose may be increased by two times, and take one tablet of Acomplia 20 mg before breakfast and then in the afternoon.
  • The length of the treatment is indicated by your attending doctor depending on the results of the therapy.


  • Patients with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys take the drug with special caution.
  • The use of the drug Acomplia for the weight loss is contraindicated during pregnancy because the active components may cause disorder of the embryonic development of fetus.
  • It is not recommended to take this drug during severe mental disorders (depression, suicidal thoughts)
  • The active components of the drug for the weight loss Acomplia may penetrate into the breast milk. If the course of the treatment of obesity in the period of the lactation is needed, it is necessary to use the bottle-feeding of a child. 

Possible Side effects

Taking this drug the most possible side reactions are headache, disorder of digestion, insomnia, and light types of the depressive disorders.

The symptoms of the side effects completely disappear in about 7-10 days after the beginning of the treatment and do not need urgent intervention of the medical specialist.

If the allergic reactions appear during the treatment, it is necessary to see a doctor.