Brand names include: Attentrol / Tomoxetin / Attentin / Axepta

Active ingredient: atomoxetine hydrochloride.

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Strattera - Important Pointers Everyone Should Know

Strattera is used mainly for patients with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). However, it is a must to know the proper ways to take this drug. Personally, I have seen patients who use this drug and obtained significant results. As long as they take it according to the doctor's order, there will be no problems. Sometimes, there are children and teenagers that embrace the idea of suicide. Some of them have reported that they want to kill themselves. In my opinion, they just lack communication with their parents, or they lack the support group that will prevent them to go astray. Bullying and loneliness are two of the reasons why teens think of committing suicide.

I always say to patients that before taking Strattera, it is important to determine if a child/teen has a bipolar illness. Doctors are the ones who can address the problems of children and teenagers when it comes to psychological problems. In particular, psychiatrists can offer the best help to avoid irritable moods and extreme agitation that patients may undergo. Also, Strattera has several effects that may be harmful to the health of the patients. I suggest that when a symptom occurs, call the doctor right away. It is also important to take note of the individuals who can take Strattera and those who cannot.

When Strattera works, it really works. It less likely triggers any manic disorders. I have seen patients dramatically improved their condition upon taking Strattera. The odds of having a bipolar disorder or seizure attacks are not significant. I definitely recommend Strattera for patients who have ADHD. But be sure to take note that this medication must be taken according to what the doctor has prescribed. An overdose of this drug might pose threat to the lives of the patients. If your child has ADHD, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor first before giving him any medications.

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Instructions When Taking Strattera

Strattera must be taken according to what the doctor has prescribed. It is likewise important to follow the description on how to use this medication. It can be found on the prescription label. Do not take this drug in smaller or larger amounts, or for a longer period than what the doctors recommend. Regular usage of Strattera will help clients get the most benefit. Before you completely run out of the medication, make sure to get your prescription refilled. Also, some ADHD medications have caused death in some people with grave heart problems, which is why it is important for patients to let the doctors know if they have any heart illnesses.

Do not consume a capsule that has been opened or broken. If the medicine inside the capsule gets in your eyes, it can be fatal. Ask your doctor how to properly handle a broken capsule and dispose it properly. Like any other medications. You should store Strattera at room temperature away from the heat and moisture. Also, keep in mind that Strattera capsules are for oral use only. Other drugs may also interact with Strattera, thus, affecting its overall efficacy. Tell your doctor about all the medicines you currently use and the medications you stopped or discontinued using.

The Dosages Of Strattera

Strattera should be started at a total daily dosage of 0.5mg/kg, and increased after no longer than three days. The target daily dosage after three days is approximately 1.2 mg/kg. This can be taken either as a single dose in the morning or at night. There are no added benefits that are known for dosages more than 1.2 mg/kg per day. The overall dosage in children and teenagers must not exceed 1.4mg/kg or 100mg. Moreover, the maximum ideal dose of Strattera on a daily basis for children and teenagers more than 70 kg is 100mg. Strattera can be taken with or without food and can be discontinued without being tapered.