Brand names include:Azotik / Azithral / Zithromac / Vinzam / Zmax / Sumamed / Zitrocin

Active ingredient: azithromycin

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Zithromax is one of the group in macrolides acquiring a broad-spectrum antibacterial phase. The actions if Zithromax comes with the main analysis and meaning regarding the gram-positive cocci and even intracellular causative substances (mycoplasma, Chlamydia, campylobacter, legionella). The active element of Zithromax is without a doubt Azithromycin. It component just a little differs as a result of other employees of macrolides. The nation's peculiarities can be:

  • More active so that you may H.influenzae
  • Influences at some enteric harmful bacteria
  • The substantial concentration belonging to the active components with the tissues but short of the continue
  • Good patience
  • It is without a doubt taken only once each and every day.

The phase of Azithromycin uses the blocking belonging to the production belonging to the vital peptids in harmful bacteria. Blocking full of natural goodness ingredients triggers paralysis belonging to the microorganisms and even their loss. They won't be able to grow, build up and promptly die, and in addition the drug fails to destroy ones own external clean cover and even destroys microorganisms from after only.

At increased concentrations in the region of inflamed joints Zithromax supplies a strong bactericidal phase.

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Directions for the use

  • Diseases belonging to the infectious character belonging to the respiratory strategy organs: bronchitis, pneumonia
  • Microbal affections belonging to the urinary strategy and genitals: prostatitis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, vaginitis, endometritis, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even mycoplasmosis.
  • The microbial diseases belonging to the HENT: in pain throat, tonsillitis, otitis, pharyngitis, and even sinusitis.
  • Skin microbial infection: erysipelatous inflammed joints, and furunculosis.

Zthromax is without a doubt indicated in the diseases belonging to the infectious character that happens to be caused via the microorganisms sensitive with the antibiotic. So, the consumption of the drug in the viral infection is useless since origin belonging to the disease is very different.

Normal Use

Directions for use of Zithromax offers its use around the age as a result of 12 yrs . old (or considering the body weight much more than 45 kg). Patients can be prescribed people course belonging to the treatment judging by the health of the individual, age, body weight, and susceptibility with the drug.

  • The drug should really be taken you tablet once each and every day
  • The general dose in Zithromax is without a doubt 500 mg
  • The bioavailability in Azithromycin little ıs dependent upon the diet consumption however is desirable taking it on empty stomach in the faster dissolution and even uptake belonging to the tablet.
  • The duration belonging to the treatment usually fails to increase 3-5days

An exclusion is sexually-transmitted problems. In it case men and women are prescription Zithromax with the dose of just one, 5 g just the once.


  • It is without a doubt contraindicated taking the drug from the hypersensitivity to help you macrolides, get hold of to Azithromycin, renal and hepatic fail, in it of that breast-feeding, along with children smaller than 12 yrs . old.
  • The meds is prescription with increased caution from arrhythmia, and even during motherhood.
  • If one take any specific drugs in addition Zithromax, it's necessary to inform a family doctor. Perhaps they are really incompatible in such a antibiotic. Usually the half reactions can happen while combined them.

Possible Unwanted effect

Taking Zithromax the prevailing percent belonging to the side issues is observed quietly of that gastrointestinal region: diarrhea, queasy, and flatulency. Children have constipations, and even gastritis.

Infrequently, the unintended side effects appear belonging to the side in other internal organs: tachycardia, dizziness, aggravation, sleep issue, and hives.

Generally if the allergic outcome appears, it will be refuse belonging to the further consumption of the meds. It is a good idea to can see a doctor, understand a trigger of the hypersensitive reaction, and if recommended to have other medical visit, and moreover symptomatic treatment belonging to the side outcome.

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