Brand names include:Cytotec

Active ingredient: misoprostol.

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Misoprostol is really a medical item which consists of prostaglandins. It's an antisecretory exercise. Taking by mouth (as the pills) this reduces the secretion from the hydrochloric acidity, stimulates the secretion associated with bicarbonate as well as mucus, and offers a cytoprotective motion.

It prevents a basal, revitalizing, night secretion from the gastric liquid and hydrochloric acidity. As a direct result this action there's the increase from the resistance from the mucous membrane from the stomach towards the unfavorable factors along with a chance from the erosive ulcerous ailments is decreased. Also, the active aspects of the drug give a weak (revitalizing) effect towards the smooth muscles from the gastro-intestinal system.

Besides this particular effect Misoprostol also supplies auterotonic motion. It triggers a contraction from the smooth muscle tissue of myometrium as well as dilates cervix from the uterus, in order that it may trigger an abortion. Simultaneously in the span of the studies it had been found out how the drug didn't influence about the hormonal stability and aggregation associated with platelets.

The authors from the clinical research recorded how the termination from the pregnancy about the early stages by using Misoprostol had been safe and a suitable alternative towards the vacuum desire. The efficiency from the drug had been 84% throughout the present study.

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Common use

Before recommending Misoprostol the individual needs to be well-informed concerning the action as well as possible unwanted effects of the actual drug. The patient ought to be observed within the conditions from the medical organization within 4-6 several hours before using the medication. The patient needs to be provided along with well-timed healthcare aid throughout and after using the drug in the event of the main bleeding or even development associated with other complications in the artificial abortion.

  • To end the being pregnant this drug can be utilized only about the early term from the pregnancy as much as 42 times
  • To end the being pregnant Misoprostol is actually prescribed orally within the dose associated with 400 mg, as well as 600 mg associated with mifepristone within 36-48 several hours.
  • As the prevention from the stomach ulcers the actual drug is actually prescribed two hundred mcg 2-4 times daily.
  • The secure and efficient daily dosage is eight hundred mcg each day
  • In case from the intolerance from the drug the actual reduction from the single dose as much as 100 mcg can be done.
  • The motion develops generally in half an hour after the utilization and lasts for around 4-5 several hours.


  • Misoprostol is actually contraindication for that use in the event of: hypersensitivity in order to rpostaglandins, hormone-dependent growths, bronchial asthma, glaucoma, lactation, as well as cardiovascular pathologies.
  • Before the start of the treatment it's important to come with an examination and get rid of the possibility from the extrauterine being pregnant.
  • Also, do not really take the actual drug if you work with intrauterine contraceptives. Before getting the medication it should be removed.
  • At the actual severe renal failing the adjustment from the dose is required.
  • Misoprostol is actually harmful with regard to fetus, and then the drug is actually strictly banned during being pregnant.

Efectos secundarios posibles

While getting Misoprostol the individual may go through the following unwanted effects:

  • digestion internal organs: pain within the stomach, wind, vomiting, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea
  • central anxious system: dizziness, head ache, and stressed out state
  • Urogenital program: disorder from the menstrual period, dysmenorrhea, cramps associated with uterine contractions.

In most the cases along side it effects tend to be hardly probable plus they are completely absent throughout the correct utilization of the medication with following a doctor’s suggestions. If along side it reactions made an appearance, it is essential to notify your going to doctor as well as follow for his or her intensity.

Only due to the severe allergic attack the patient may require a healthcare intervention and an instantaneous termination from the treatment.

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